August 9, 2012

Longhorn Steakhouse

   Longhorn Steakhouse. I'm pretty sure you can figure out what they sell from the name! This isn't just a local restaurant though, it's a chain that can be found in several parts of the US. Anyone who knows me is aware of my love of steak. I can't get enough of the red meat, so I often find myself in steakhouses for lunch.

  As usual, I'll start off talking about the atmosphere of the place. Longhorn takes pride in being a 'Texas style' restaurant and the interior echoes that loud and clear. There's a lot of wood in there, from the rafters to the floor to the tables and chairs. It has atmospheric lighting, you can see things just fine while sitting down. They have decorated the place with cast iron cutouts of cowboy's roping up cattle or herding them to greener pastures. It's the kind of decorations my dad used to have in his home. All of this is fine and dandy, but this is one of the few restaurants that has not banned smoking inside. This causes a lot of problems, especially for people with asthma. If you suffer from it, don't go, just to be sure, or call ahead to see if they have banned it in the restaurant you want to head to (since not all of them  have not banned smoking.) Ask for a table far away from the smoking if you are bothered by the smell. You'll walk into it initially though, and that's a big problem if you aren't a smoker yourself.

It's a sit down restaurant, so you start off with the usual server giving you menus and asking for drinks. The servers seemed a little busy and didn't ask for our drinks right away, but the place was honestly very busy since it was lunch hour. Our server was very kind and was very helpful. I ended up asking her what steaks were the leanest (If you don't like a lot of chewing, always ask for a leaner steak. Some people will tell you that marbling is beautiful, but when you have a rare steak, it just continues to be chewy fat.) She recommended that I have the tenderloin, which was the leanest steak on the menu.

We were then brought our drinks and bread and I have to admit that the bread here is wonderful. I don't care too much to eat bread, but I nearly ate the entire table's serving of bread. The butter makes it even more amazing.   The menu here offers a variety of steaks, sandwiches, and seafood. Since it is a steakhouse, I suggest having a steak.

The petite tenderloin steak came out and I didn't have high hopes for it. As you can see, the plating was terrifying. There was grease and blood and cheese flung all over the plate. I contemplated on sending it back, but I didn't want to waste a steak. So I cut into it, and let this be a lesson to those of you who do what I almost did then, it was absolutely delicious. It was cooked perfectly and seasoned very well. I barely touched the baked potato because I just went at that steak so quickly I was full before I knew it. So the looks were very much deceiving, though I think a steak this good needs to have excellent plating to match. The steak was very lean, as the server had recommended it for.

I also shared a dish of deep fried cheesecake. It was very rich, but also very tasty. Trust me when I say that this is a share-able size for about two people. The pieces are very big and there is a lot of whipped cream and ice cream in the cup with it. If you don't like very sweet and very rich, don't go for it, but if you'd eat a brownie covered in 3 different chocolates and ice cream, it's about the same richness. 

Service: 8/10    (Reasonably slow service)
Atmosphere: 6/10    (I personally can tolerate a little smoke, but it can get pretty bad.)
Price: 9/10  (Not a bad price for such a lean steak!
  • Food Taste: 8/10   (The steak was excellent, the dessert was pretty good.)
  • Food Presentation: 3/10   (The plating of the food looked a little disgusting.)
Overall: 7/10    (It has it's highs and lows. If you can ignore them, eat here! )

Final thoughts? While I can't recommend this particular location to anyone who will complain about smokers, I will recommend it for it's food. Don't expect a pretty meal, that's for sure, but it should be tasty enough to justify the prices (which aren't that bad.) I highly recommend having the tenderloin.

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