July 26, 2012


I had already mixed in all my toppings and dug in, but it usually looks neater!
Yogaberry, aka Yobe, is a frozen yogurt shop like many others. While Tutti Frutti is my favorite froyo shop, Yobe is a lot closer to me. I rely on froyo more than I do ice cream because most froyo shops don't have lactose in their yogurt! The fermenting of the milk helps to get rid of lactose. Without the lactose, though, it's prone to melting quickly, which a results in a lot of bad reviews from people who get out of the store with melting yogurt. I don't have a problem with it myself, but I like yogurt I can drink! If the yogurt comes out of the machine melting, they can fix that pretty quickly if you just ask.

The atmosphere of the place is just like any other froyo place. Yobe is average- The usual green, purple, and white color scheme you see all around. It's spacious, which is a lot better than cramped froyo stores, to be honest. It's clean and minimal.

The service at froyo shops is minimal, and Yobe is no different. you don't have to contact an employee at all until you get to the register to weigh and pay. They kindly help anyone who needs information or taste testing (Everyone should taste test to see if they like a flavor! Taste test are free!). You pick up a bowl and just put whatever you like in it. The more it weighs, the more it will cost though. If you're trying it out for the first time, go easy on everything, otherwise you're going to end up with a huge bill. With a little planning, you can walk out with an excellent froyo for a smaller price. It'll help if you have their rewards card. Each purchase gets you a few points. When you get to 50 points, you get $5 off, which is quite a bit! The prices can be a little steep though.

The yogurt itself is also pretty average. They introduce new flavors all the time and cycle through the older ones. My favorites are the kiwi and tart. They have a HUGE variety in toppings though. From Cheerios to fresh fruit and several things in between. My favorite thing to put in my froyo are the tapioca balls. If you're skeptical about them, try them out. you can't tell it's tapioca because it's flavored. They explode in your mouth when you bite into them and it's an amazing sensation.

While it is just an average froyo place, I'd recommend it. It's always really pleasant when I visit and I've never had a bad experience. I'll continue to go there for a tasty treat!

Service: 10/10    (You pretty much serve yourself. They're happy to help you when you need it.)
Atmosphere: 9/10    (Clean and expected of a froyo place!)
Price: 6/10  (49cents an ounce is a bit steep. If you plan it out you can eat  for cheap, it's all you.)

  • Food Taste: 8/10   (Pretty average! I love froyo and it's pretty good.)
  • Food Presentation: 8/10   (Self serve!)
Overall: 7/10    (I recommend it, but it's pretty average )

Final thoughts? It's not a bad place to stop by! I recommend it if you like frozen yogurt places!

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