July 20, 2012

La Fontana

La Fontana of Mt. Pleasant

  La Fontana is an Italian Restaurant located in Mt Pleasant of Charleston, South Carolina. It advertises as being authentic Italian. We originally meant to go to the Japanese restaurant, Kanpai, situated next door, but it was closed for the day. I ended up in La Fontana instead.  I think it went by the name of Cuoco Pazzo before.
   Once inside, the atmosphere is pretty great. The decorations all look really fancy and the colors create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. My only complaint on the interior would be the lighting in the rafters. It doesn't make the food look very appetizing, casting a sort of gray color onto each item because the lights are sitting so high up into the black space that is the ceiling.
   The menu itself had a great variety and a lot of it listed in Italian. What wasn't so impressive about it was that it was difficult to read. They used a cursive font in italics (I guess italics clicks for an Italian restaurant, eh?) and I had to struggle to read it myself, especially under the dim lighting.
   Our server seemed quite friendly. He was very patient with us and quick to get around, minus one time we had to wait for him to refill one of our drinks. He had a cheery air around him.  Even when we had complaints, he was generally helpful. I felt kind of sorry for him for having to put up with the wait the kitchen had on us and having to put up with the constant complaints from our party.
   Bread got out to us quickly and it was warm. The outside was crunchy, the inside soft- so no complaints there. We didn't have any butter for it, but I assume that's because we had olive oil at our table to dip it in, which was really tasty itself. The wait was the worst thing though. They also got the appetizer out pretty quickly, but the food took about 45-55 minutes to get out to us.
   I had ordered the manicotti. When we finally got it, it was hot at least. Looking at it, I was a little saddened at how flat the pasta was. That's my only complaint on the food though because it was great manicotti. This is even a bigger compliment because manicotti is one of my favorite foods. I was thoroughly satisfied with the taste of the food. I especially enjoyed the marinara sauce, as it wasn't really salty like most of the marinara sauces I've had.
   The rest of my party didn't care for their food and described the issues with it to me. But I will only be rating this based on my personal experience with the food.

So here are my scores for La Fontana:

Service: 4/10    (Three just for the waiter that put up with us and the quick appetizers.)
Atmosphere: 6/10    (Points deducted for the lighting and menu font)
Price: 7/10   (The price for each item is a little steep, but it's okay if you get something that's actually worth it, like the manicotti.)
  • Food Taste: 8/10   (Though the rest of my party didn't like there's I'm going on my own dish.)
  • Food Presentation: 3/10   (Flat manicotti doesn't look very appetizing.)
Overall: 5/10    (In other words, so-so)

My overall thoughts? If you don't mind the wait, and are ordering the manicotti, the restaurant is worth it. If you're impatient and want to order anything else, I'd suggest not bothering.

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