July 26, 2012



Chipotle is part of a restaurant chain serving up mexican style fast food with an organic twist. I don't think this was my first time going to one. I think I ended up at a Chipotle in Atlanta a few years ago.

The atmosphere is playful and light. The combination of excellently bright lighting as well as the reflective surfaces contrasted the dark seating and not so reflective wooden accents. It was clean and that's one of the first things I noticed about the place. The tables are wiped down the moment a party leaves, which is good because they don't have very many tables in the place considering how busy it is.

Service is quick and the employees smiled the entire time I was there. They were very careful and obliged me on my specific requests.  It's a lot like a Subway where you go down the line and tell the person what you want on your taco or burrito or burrito bowl. As it goes down the line, it's handed off to another employee manning a specific part of the station. They don't skimp out on any of the ingredients, so unless you ask for them only to give you a little bit of beans, they'll pile it high.

The selection of items are really great as well. The prices are based on the type of meat you get rather than how much of each topping you have. Upon looking at the menu,  you may think that $6 for a single burrito is a tad much, but once you see the size of the burrito, you'll understand why. The quality of each ingredient is excellent. I had the opportunity to try out both the chicken and pulled beef (barbacoa) with my meal. Each ingredient is local grown and locally raised without any sort of stimulants or added hormones. These are completely organic, which is good for you!

I highly recommend the barbacoa. It's really tasty and well seasoned. My only complaint about the restaurant was that some of our chips were a little on the stale side, but after chomping my way through the burrito, I didn't have room for chips anyway!

So here are my scores for Chipotle:

Service: 10/10    (They are so kind and happy there! Everything was quickly and efficiently handled.)
Atmosphere: 9/10    (Light and playful and very clean!)
Price: 8/10   ($6 for a burrito as large as this is nearly a steal ,had I been able to eat all of it!)

  • Food Taste: 8/10   (The brown rice is really good as well as the barbacoa.)
  • Food Presentation: 8/10   (It's really big and served fast food style.)
Overall: 9/10    (I recommend stopping by for lunch rather than going to a greasy fast food chain.)
My overall thoughts are pretty favorable for them! It's a nice lunch to have: It's healthier for you as well as very filling! Definitely try the barbacoa and the brown rice; It's a fast food restaurant worth going to! Funnily enough, the restaurant doesn't seem to offer chipotle sauce. Funny, right?

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